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Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Looking for some excitement in your life? Looking to join a brotherhood like no other? The volunteer fire service is the definition of a calling. Volunteer fire departments across the world have been serving their local communities as the forefront of public safety within their neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a new sense of value in yourself or you want to give back to the community we live in, there is a spot for you.

The Frankfort Center Fire Department

Since our establishment in 1937, we have been a fully volunteer staffed department providing fire and rescue services to our community. Our volunteer status means that all of our members selflessly dedicate several hours of their lives to attend certification classes, meetings, work details, drills and respond to emergency calls without compensation.

We house and maintain a total of 10 fire/rescue apparatus. Currently we have a complement of 34 active members. Our calls to service range from both structure and vehicle fires, motor vehicle accidents, rescue calls and emergency medical services. We also provide mutual aid services to our neighboring departments. Due to the majority of our calls being EMS in nature, we have a group of providers who have went on and obtained either their EMT or Paramedic certification to provide the very best service to those in need of medical attention.

Our mission is to prevent the loss of life and property amongst our community. All certifications and continuing education courses are provided free to our membership and covered by our department. This includes the admission fee to the New York State Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) licensure class. We have had several members start their journey with us and further transition into a career in the fire service.



We strive to maintain a very active role within our community. We host several events and fundraisers throughout the year. You can find these scheduled events on our events tab.

Notable achievements will be published as they occur. We are very proud of our accomplishments thus far and the many future ones that our dedicated members take a part in. We would like to share these with you as they occur so you can stay notified on what's going on in the community that we all love and share.

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